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Q: When does the season start?

A: Our season begins towards the end of July.  Our practice location will most likely start out at New Cumberland Borough Park until Twilight Baseball finishes their season at Memorial Field.  Ultimately, we practice and play games at Memorial Field (see below).

Q: Where do the Colts practice?

A: At Memorial Field in New Cumberland.  444 Eutaw Ave. New Cumberland, PA 17070
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Q: Should I stay for Practice?

A: It is mandatory for each smurf player to have a responsible adult at the field during practices.  For Peewees, this is optional.  Pony and Midget parents are encouraged to drop off their players and pick them up at the end of practice.  Parking can be limited at Memorial Field during practice days, please stay tuned for specific parking instructions during the season.

Q: Where do the Colts play home games?

A: At West Shore Stadium (behind Cedar Cliff High School)
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Q: When does football/cheer practice start?

FOOTBALL PRACTICE DATES: Until the first week of school, Football Practice is Monday - Friday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm.  Once school starts, practice will be Tuesday through Thursday from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. 

CHEER PRACTICE DATES: Cheer practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 - 8:00 pm. 

Q: What times are games?

Games are on Saturday or Sunday depending on who we play (mostly Sundays).  Our Junior Varsity teams always play on Saturdays.  Typical games run a maximum of 1 1/2 hours, although Smurfs ( our youngest ) play for only an hour.  Home games always start at 12:00 pm for Smurfs and run until the Midgets are finished.  Away game start times are specific to each team.  It is always important to check our published game schedule or double-check with your Head Coach to verify start times.


Smurf: 11:00 am
Peewee: 12:00 pm
Midget: 1:30 pm
Pony: 3:00 pm

Q: What are the age requirements for participating?

Ages as of April 30:
Smurfs: 5 to 7-years-old
Peewee: 8 & 9-years-old
Pony: 10 & 11-years-old
Midget: 12 & 14-years-old
For example: if a players birth date is 4/30/2009 he or she will be a pony, if 5/1/2009 he or she will be a peewee.

Q: Are there weight requirements/limits to play?

A: The CFA opperates on the Red Stripe Rule which allows all children to play regardless of weight.  There is however a maximim weight that players must be under in order to play off of the line of scrimmage.  Otherwise, the players must wear a stripe on his helmet and may only play positions on the line of scrimmage and inside of the tackle box.

Midget 165 lbs Stripe Weight
Pony 135 lbs Stripe Weight

Peewee: 110 lbs Stripe Weight
Smurf 85 lbs Stripe Weight

Q: What Football League do the Colts Play In?

A: The New Cumberland Colts are members of the CFA (Capital Football Association).  Formerly the Catholic Football Association, established in 1973, the CFA is the largest youth football organization in the state of Pennsylvania.  There are currently 32 teams in the CFA, split into three conferences based on organizational size and success criteria.  The New Cumberland Colts currently participate in the CFA's most competitive conference: National Conference.  Other teams in the National Conference are: Carlisle Thundering Herd, Cumberland Valley Eagles, Central Dauphin Rams, Central Penn Crusaders, Harrisburg Cougars, Susquehanna Indians, State College Lions, and York Bears.

For more information on the CFA visit: 

Q: Organizational Boundaries:

A: Boundaries exist for the football side of our organization.  You can play for the New Cumberland Colts if you live or go to school in the Cedar Cliff High School area.  This area consists of West Shore School District Elementary and Middle Schools: Rossmoyne, Washington Heights, Hillside, Highland, New Cumberland Middle School, and Allen Middle School (future CCHS students).  We also welcome any students attending the St. Theresa School.  If you are unsure if your child is eligible to to play for the New Cumberland Colts please contact our Football Commissioner Todd Paradine

Q: Do the New Cumberland Colts feed into a specific high school?

A: While no team in our league is affiliated with their parent high school, the Colts territory aligns with Cedar Cliff High School and a majority of our players go on to play for the Cedar Cliff Colts at the High School level.  While we consider ourselves a Cedar Cliff High School feeder program we have also have had many players go on to play football at Trinity High School and other local schools.

Q: How much does it cost to play?

A: $80.00 early bird rate thru May 31st. for first child / $40.00 for each addltional capping at 3 children
$85.00 June 1st thru July 29th for first child / $45.00 for each additional capping at 3 children

Q: Is financial assistance available?

The New Cumberland Colts do not turn away players due to financial hardships.  If you feel as though you would qualify for hardship assistance, please reach out to Roxanne Lehman to discuss further.

Q: Are there mandatory fundraisers?

Yes, we do a mandatory fundraiser at the beginning of the season to help defray registration costs.  We also offer a buyout for those who do not wish to sell.  The buy out cost is $100.00 first child and $50.00 each additional - capped after 3 children.

Q: What is Booster Night?

Booster night is an annual fundraiser event where players/cheerleaders walk around designated areas of New Cumberland in groups politely asking the community for donations to support our teams.  Each team/squad is assigned an area and coaches/team moms will create groups of players with adult chapperones to split up and go door to door.  In 2019, this fundraising event raised almost $4,000 to help defray registration costs and purchase new equipment for our teams.  Players, coaches, volunteers typically meet at Memorial Field and then return back to the field for player pickup.  There are usually light refreshments afterwards or a snack for the players.  Players wear their Blue game jersey.  We always need parent volunteers so please consider helping out!

Q: What equipment will the Colts issue to my Football Player?

A: Through fundraising and registration fees, the Colts organization provides certified helemets, shoulder pads, practice jerseys & pants, game jerseys & pants, as well as pads for pants, at no additional cost to players.  All equipment is issued by the Colts on equipment handout day prior to the start of the tackle season.  Equipment will be fitted and handed over to the player once registration has been completed (most importantly, the completed CFA physical form signed by a physician).

Q: What equipment will I need to provide for my Football Player?

A: 1. A set of football cleats.
     2. A girdle (most girdles sold today have built-in pads)
     3. Long White Socks for Gamedays.
     4. A water bottle for practices.

Q: What gear/uniforms will the Colts issue to my Cheerleader?

A: Cheerleaders will be provided a cheer vest, skirt, and jacket to be returned at the end of the season.

Q: What equipment will I need to provide for my Cheerleader?

A: Order forms for the following will be distributed at registration. 
These items are required to be ordered from our vendors to ensure everyone has the items needed and that they match our uniforms. 
•Navy Blue Bonnies 
•Navy Cheer crop top 
•Game day bow 
•Warm Up Jacket 
•Navy Blue Leggings 
•Navy Blue Gloves 
•Plain ALL WHITE athletic sneakers (preferably cheer shoes however if that is not an option then recommendation: not canvas; they are harder to keep clean white) These are available for purchase thru our vendor or you can obtain them on your own. 
•ALL WHITE socks (footie style or no show socks) 

What are the COVID-19 PROTOCOLS for this season?

A: (Updated 8/22)
  A player who has tested positive for COVID-19 may return to practice/games after at least 5 days have passed since symptom onset, 24 hours have passed without fever and other symptoms have resolved. 

A player exposed for an extended period of time to an individual that has tested positive for COVID-19 MAY attend practice/games if the player:
1. Is currently isolated from exposure to the infected person(s).
2. Has tested negative for COVID-19 at time of isolation from infected persons or during isolation.
3. Has not and is not currently experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.


Q: Who should I contact regarding a specific issue?

A: General Organization questions: President Helen Grundon 
Football Specific & Boundary Questions: Football Commissioner Todd Paradine
Cheer Specific Questons: Cheer Coordinator Shonna Ramos
Registration & Fundraiser Questions:  Treasurer Roxanne Lehman  

Q: What are other means to contact the New Cumberland Colts?

A: Like us on Facebook

Mailing Address:
New Cumberland Colts Football and Cheerleading Organization
PO Box 191
New Cumberland, Pennsylvania  17070


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